hip replacement surgery

What You Should Know about Hip Replacement Surgery

The hip, after the knee, is the second most weight-bearing joint. In any case, you should ensure you have taken care of it well. However, you may need hip replacement surgery depending on your situation. According to Haleem Chaudhary, it is one of the options available to ensure you live a pain-free life. In this post, you will learn important facts about hip replacement surgery.

Reasons for Undergoing this Medical Procedure

Hip Fracture

surgeons at workA patient is said to suffer a hip fracture when the upper part of thigh bone breaks. It can be caused by a fall or an accident such as a car crash. However, if you suffer from osteoporosis, you may suffer from hip fractures. When the bone is broken, you may have a high risk of experiencing future hip fractures. In this case, hip replacement surgery is recommended.

Degeneration as a Result of Wear and Tear

If the cartilage between the hip joint is worn or you are experiencing extreme pain, you should undergo this procedure. You should note that this can cause arthritis and can be a source of constant pain. Remember that the hip is a vital joint weight bearing and basic movement. If degeneration affects its function, you may need to replace it with the prosthetic parts.


If you find it difficult to put on socks or shoes, this is a sign of hip stiffness. It is advisable to consult a specialist if the problem is ongoing.

Choosing Hip Replacement Surgeon

surgery equipmentIf you want to undergo hip replacement surgery, you should consider choosing the best surgeon around. There is no person who wants a mediocre surgeon. In this case, you need a physician who has adequate experience, and you are comfortable with. Remember that this is a different procedure that requires a specialized surgeon. The following are some factors to consider when choosing a surgeon for this procedure.


If you are residing in a city, it will be easy for you to get a hip replacement surgeon. Ensure you choose a doctor who is within a reasonable distance. This is because you will have to travel to and from the surgeon’s office.


Whether you have insurance or not; you are the one determining the fate of your hip. You need to carry out extensive research on prices that are charged by other surgeons in your area.