River kayaking

Understanding What a Kayak is and How it is Used

People spend their recreational time in different ways. Among the popular activities that people love are water sports. They are not only fun for weekends and holidays but also contribute to a fit lifestyle. According to reports, water sports are many and people choose them depending on availability of resources and preference. Have you ever heard of kayaking? Well, this water sport is popular and fun for people who enjoy it. A kayak is used to engage in the water activity and choosing the best vessel is very crucial. You can learn more about kayaks by visiting the KayaKudos’s Facebook page.

What is a kayak?

kayaksA kayak resembles a canoe only that it is small and allows one or two people to use it either in a sitting or standing position. The watercraft is narrow and relatively long with space for sitting on at the top. The material is light and watertight to prevent leakage of water to the inner compartment. Users propel the kayak using a paddle with a double blade.

Traditionally, kayaks were used as a means of short distance transportation in still waters of a river or a sea. These kayaks would have a couple of cockpits, where people would sit and paddle them. They were also used to fish for small families, which did not need many pieces of fish.

Materials that make a kayak

Today, different effective materials make a kayak rather than the traditional wooden logs. Although wood still makes some of the best kayaks, some lighter and durable materials are used. The wooden kayaks would be carved from a trunk of wood and cooked in tar or other petroleum products to make it water resistant.

Today, we have more manufacturers using polyethylene, a synthetic material that is elastic, to make durable and lightweight kayaks. Similarly, the paddles are also made using such materials and this allows effectiveness.

Uses of Kayaks

  • Kayaking sports – Mainly, these water crafts are used in water competition. If we have not participated in kayaking, we probably have seen one on the TV. The sports can involve either one or two people in each kayak and they have to paddle their way to the finishing line. In most cases, kayaking is done in still water to avoid overturning and other accidents.
  • kayak explorationFishing – whether you decide to go fishing alone or as a group, using a kayak brings one as close to the water as possible. It gets along well with small fishes and less dangerous water. Sea, rivers and shallow ocean fishing are commonly done with the use of a kayak.
  • Exploration – the best thing about using a kayak to explore marine life is that it causes no harm to the environment. Shallow coral reefs and clear sea marine can be observed well while using a kayak. In most places, Eco-tourism explorer use these vessels to do their explorations


You can either buy your kayak or hire one every time to need to use it. Either way, choose the best option so that you can have an enjoyable time while in the water. You can research on the best kayaks on the market through review websites.…