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Choosing the Best Kayak Fish Finders

Are you a fan of kayaking? If yes, then you are aware that at times fishing is all down to trial and error. This is what kayak enthusiasts have been doing since time immemorial. This is, however, not the case in the 21st century thanks to technology. We have a tool that is referred to as the fish finder which will help you locate fish. One of the misconceptions about the fish finders is that their mode of operation is the same. This is, however, not true since they use different technologies and therefore, work differently.

The best fish finder for kayaks

fish finderKayak fishing is growing in popularity all over the world. You need to be informed when selecting the fish finder since there are different varieties out there. Some of the things to look for in a fish finder include:

  • Advanced sonar reading
  • The model should come with a transducer
  • Select a fish finder that best fits your kayak
  • User-friendly display

Since most of the kayaks do not come with the in-built fish finders, most of the kayak enthusiasts typically prefer the portable fish finders for their activities.

Advantages of the portable fish finders

The portable fish finders are typically preferred to the non-portable ones. Some of the benefits of the portable ones include:

  • The portable fish finders can easily be carried from one point to another, unlike the inbuilt ones.
  • They offer the kayak enthusiasts with several options as they can be easily swapped with the different kinds
  • The portable fish finders can be easily synched with the smartphones, therefore, providing multiple functionalities
  • They give better results than the in-built fish finders.

Bluetooth enabled

Some fish finders are Bluetooth enabled and consist of the sonar technology. This type of technology can accurately tell the location of fish up to 120 feet with three different depth settings. This helps in making the fishing experience enjoyable. For the best kayak fish finder guide click on the highlighted link.

Sonar technology

fish finder The sonar technology is one of the most popular technologies that are used on the fish finders. This technology helps in relaying information concerning the pond bed, underwater obstacles, water temperature, and fish to whatever gadget you are using. This helps in eliminating of having many devices and dangerous cables. Fishfinders that are made using this technology are usually light in weight and versatile and can be used both in the salt and fresh water. They provide accurate findings which will help you capture fish.






River kayaking

Understanding What a Kayak is and How it is Used

People spend their recreational time in different ways. Among the popular activities that people love are water sports. They are not only fun for weekends and holidays but also contribute to a fit lifestyle. According to reports, water sports are many and people choose them depending on availability of resources and preference. Have you ever heard of kayaking? Well, this water sport is popular and fun for people who enjoy it. A kayak is used to engage in the water activity and choosing the best vessel is very crucial. You can learn more about kayaks by visiting the KayaKudos’s Facebook page.

What is a kayak?

kayaksA kayak resembles a canoe only that it is small and allows one or two people to use it either in a sitting or standing position. The watercraft is narrow and relatively long with space for sitting on at the top. The material is light and watertight to prevent leakage of water to the inner compartment. Users propel the kayak using a paddle with a double blade.

Traditionally, kayaks were used as a means of short distance transportation in still waters of a river or a sea. These kayaks would have a couple of cockpits, where people would sit and paddle them. They were also used to fish for small families, which did not need many pieces of fish.

Materials that make a kayak

Today, different effective materials make a kayak rather than the traditional wooden logs. Although wood still makes some of the best kayaks, some lighter and durable materials are used. The wooden kayaks would be carved from a trunk of wood and cooked in tar or other petroleum products to make it water resistant.

Today, we have more manufacturers using polyethylene, a synthetic material that is elastic, to make durable and lightweight kayaks. Similarly, the paddles are also made using such materials and this allows effectiveness.

Uses of Kayaks

  • Kayaking sports – Mainly, these water crafts are used in water competition. If we have not participated in kayaking, we probably have seen one on the TV. The sports can involve either one or two people in each kayak and they have to paddle their way to the finishing line. In most cases, kayaking is done in still water to avoid overturning and other accidents.
  • kayak explorationFishing – whether you decide to go fishing alone or as a group, using a kayak brings one as close to the water as possible. It gets along well with small fishes and less dangerous water. Sea, rivers and shallow ocean fishing are commonly done with the use of a kayak.
  • Exploration – the best thing about using a kayak to explore marine life is that it causes no harm to the environment. Shallow coral reefs and clear sea marine can be observed well while using a kayak. In most places, Eco-tourism explorer use these vessels to do their explorations


You can either buy your kayak or hire one every time to need to use it. Either way, choose the best option so that you can have an enjoyable time while in the water. You can research on the best kayaks on the market through review websites.…


How to Choose The Best Kayak

When you are planning to buy a kayak, you have to consider some factors. Kayaks have been designed for different activities that mean there are a variety of kayaks in the industry. Unless you have a clue, you will have a hard time trying to figure out the kind of kayak you need. Choosing a perfect kayak for you means a keen look at the characteristics of each kayak you come across. However, you should not be worried whenever you are stuck; the following kayak reviews will help you choose the best kayak.


Dimension and speed

It is important to consider the dimension of the kayak, that is, the length and width. The speed of the kayak you plan to will affect its length and width. For instance, a long thin kayak has a high speed because it allows the peddler to slice through water very fast. This will be advantageous when you are on tour. On the other hand, kayaks with a small length are good at turning in the rivers comparing to long kayaks. This will depend on the kind of activity you want to use the kayak. Also, slim kayaks are very fat comparing to wider ones, but the wider kayaks are always stable on the water.


Hull shape of the kayak

The kayak has different have different shapes. The shape affects the performance of the kayak. There are kayaks with U-shape while others have a V-shape. The kayak with U-shape has secondary stability while the V-shaped have primary stability. There is also a tri-form hull, which combines the primary and the secondary stability. This type of kayak is favorable for a tour because they keep moving straight. It also allows people to sit-on-tops. Your choice will be based on the type of activity you need to carry out on water.


Care and maintenance

When you choose a kayak, you need to find out the attention and the cost of maintenance. You might want to buy a boat designed to require little maintenance and an easy time to take care of so that you can enjoy for a lifetime. You also need to have a manual that will guide you on how will clean the kayak after paddling in the salty water of polluted water. You are also supposed to buy a kayak with hardware that can sustain scratches in the paddling experience. In the case of damages during paddling, ensure that the kayak spare parts are easy to acquire.



When you are planning to choose a kayak, it is important to ensure that you are financially stable. This is because there are some different type of kayaks that are sold at a high price. Therefore, take your time and know some of the features you need on a kayak before you make your final decision. Also, you need to select a good kayak that will last for long. Make sure that you compare the price range of these tools before you make your final purchasing decision.…